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You are allowed to oppose your party

Today’s issue is not really part of this newsletter’s main narrative. It is instead a letter to those who have supported this callous government with all that they have and have been rewarded with the death of their family members.

Dear BJP supporter
If you are a BJP supporter and think that it is your duty to support the party despite you and your family suffering, know that you don’t. You oppose bad decisions by other governments. There is no reason you shouldn’t do so right now.
I know you feel like you can’t break away from your decision to support this party after having used their minister’s faces in your display pictures, after helping them trend and feeling like you are part of their community, after cheering for every word they spoke and after attacking their critics as if they were your own personal enemies. But that’s only because they have spent years manipulating the media to make you think criticising or opposing them is a crime. It is not, and has never been true.
You owe them nothing. They owe you everything. You don’t need anyone’s permission to demand your basic rights. You thought bad policies will not affect you. You thought “other people” are your enemies and only “they” will be “taught a lesson”. Clearly that hasn’t happened. You are realising this now. Just don’t stop yourself from acting on that realisation.
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Thursday Night Live
Thursday Night Live
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