Why Indians defend marital rape





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This issue is about marital rape, the proposed laws against it and why Indian men often think that they have a right to have sex with their wives against their will.

Consent kis chidiya ka naam hai?
In case you can’t understand why many Indian men are opposed to legislation against marital rape, know that this is a culture that sex is often the purpose of marriage. To marry therefore, is synonymous with a license to have sex.
Remember all those characters in mythological stories where characters abducted women to “marry them”. Yeah, that was an euphemism for sex. Some time ago, an actress thanked her fans for so many letters asking her to marry them. Those men weren’t fantasizing about the decorations at the wedding ceremony. They wanted to have sex with her.
Marriage, in point of fact, is seen as the final line of consent in India. It is assumed that once a woman has agreed to marry a man, she has signed a lifetime servitude agreement. When most Indian men say they want to marry a woman, what they mean is that they want to own her. You know, like cattle. Or a toaster.
This is why mention of marital rape short-circuits their brains. It makes them think on the lines of “I already own her. Why should I need special permissions to use her services.”
I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of a more material outlook on a practice that is frequently described as spiritual. Marriage in India is a meat market.
And enough of that #NotAllMen nonsense
Don’t expect people to believe your “Not all men” when you are defending rape simply because the woman being raped happens to be married to her rapist. If there’s one thing that your denial of marital rape demonstrates it is that you think marriage is a way to enslave women.
That it is a culturally sanctioned social mechanism to make sure that when you like a woman, you can undergo this charade and then she will be your sex slave for life, in addition to cooking for you and raising your children free of charge for the rest of her life.
Hilarious BTW, to note that in popular entertainment, we see marriage depicted as a trap for men. And later in life, these same men, somewhat more pot-bellied, will share WhatsApp jokes about how dictatorial their wives are and their friends will respond with laughter emojis.
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