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Today’s issue is basically two quick responses to two most frequently used arguments by the bhakt brigade. One is an argument devaluing accountability. The other has to do with “so what?”.

Oh just Google it
The reason bhakts say you don’t need an RTI application for something that a Google search can answer, is that their machinery hijacked Google search results ages ago. Their narratives have been dominating SERPs in the form of blatantly biased “news” reports from Godi media.
So when they say “LOL you can just Google this”, what they are counting on is that the first page of search results will have things they probably agree with ideologically.
And even if we don’t pay attention to the dangerously stupid wish to replace governmental accountability with “you can just google this”, we still have to be cognizant of where the reasoning behind the demand comes from. It comes from their comfort in the fake news ecosystem that they know their masters have prepared for them. A system that’s only now being effectively countered.
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"So what" goes both ways
Here’s something fun to try out. You know those people who, whenever you point something out that is wrong in India, respond with, “So what? It happens everywhere.” Just start doing the same to them. No matter what they complain about, say, “So what? It happens everywhere.”
For example, when they say “Hindu khatre mein hai”, reply with “So what? People everywhere face dangers.” When they say “Prices are rising too much”, reply saying, “So what? Prices are rising everywhere.”
Be sure to do this in the most callous way imaginable, as if their concern is unimportant and they are silly to be worried about it (because that’s what they do to those who worry about Constitutional values).
Eventually however, remind them that this “so what” response is a terrible joke.
It solves nothing. When someone points out that your drains are overflowing, you get down to fixing it. You don’t point out the neighbour’s drain and say “so what”. Specific problems need to have specific solutions. This random hand-waving is neither here nor there. It’s stupid.
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