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Once a coward, always a coward

Today’s issue is about the tail-wagging from sanghis towards Israel as the country commits aggressions into Palestinian homes and how it is a pretty good measure of how the saffron side must have acted in British times.

Cowardice pretending to be courage
If the sanghi tail-wagging in approval of Israeli aggression against Palestine is anything to go by, one can perhaps imagine what these cowards must have been like when Indians were fighting against the British. Basically, the moment an oppressor shows up, these fine gentlemen get on their knees and light agarbattis.
It’s the inevitable result of coming from a background that teaches authority worship and a society that teaches that the oppressed deserve what happens to them and that the powerful are always right no matter what. Part opportunism, part craven surrender to anyone with a stick. People wonder why the RSS’s founding fathers were against the Indian freedom struggle. The reason was the same. It was this same tail-wagging that caused them to boycott major movements and side with the occupying British force.
The reason the RSS didn’t participate in India’s freedom struggle is because the RSS, by nature, is against all anti-oppression struggles. The organisation’s founding fathers were inspired by Hitler’s Nazi ideology as back then, they were the occupying / aggressing / invading force. Now, ironically, they are with Israel because they are the invaders. Take any situation, put it through this filter, and you will be able to predict what position the sanghis will take.
Oddly enough, this tendency to worship the strong and abuse the oppressed is even evident if you watch their response to situations where the aggressors are Muslim. Sure on the surface they will call it all the usual names such as “Jihad” and what not. But their recommendation following all this will always turn out to be “we have to become like that”. In one breath, they say that Hindus are peaceful and non-aggressive. In the next breath they will call it the reason for all our losses and demand that if we are to “survive”, we have to be as intolerant and aggressive as “those people”. The end result of all their rhetorical acrobatics is always the same - they dream of being oppressors.
Look around and you will find manifestations of this everywhere. Look at the way sanghi “intellectuals” advocate less democracy. Look at how they centralise power. Look at all their anti-minority policy decisions. Look at how often they advocate caste supremacy openly. They are obsessed with having power and using it against those who cannot protect themselves.
What’s laughable in all this is all their claims of bravery. Because bravery is completely absent from their way of life. There is no bravery in oppression. There is no bravery in using one’s power against the powerless. There is no bravery in saying “sir sir you are right sir” to everyone more powerful than you. But hey, at least they’re consistent. You can always count on them to wag their tails while claiming to be descended from great warriors.
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