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Holding gods hostage

Today’s issue is about how “ardent” devotees act like celebrity managers who want to decide every single action of the gods they worship.

What can kill a god?
The answer, quite simply, is that the only thing that can kill a god is an ardent devotee. The more “ardent” a devotee gets, the more limitations he begins to place on his gods. He starts telling people who his god is in great detail. He starts to tell people what god can do and can’t do. He begins the celebrity manager for his god, allowing him some actions but not others.
His god will be vicious and angry but if you even suggest that his god can be forgiving and inclusive, he will lash out with “god will never do that!”. He needs to be the one to decide what his god does, what his god’s reaction will to all things.
Like a controlling manager. He will not even talk to his god anymore, content in the knowledge that he knows everything there is to know about them because he has read what people thousands of years ago wrote about them.
There is no greater insult to gods than their most ardent devotees.
Some live stream snippets
I told you of my new live streaming channel last week. I have cut out a few bits from the stream and uploaded them as shorts. Below are the clips. If you want to join the live stream chat on Thursday night, you can subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon.
Are you a professional if you don't get paid for your work?
Are you a professional if you don't get paid for your work?
Artists or content creators?
Artists or content creators?
Thank you for reading Artless!
Today’s issue is a little short I know, but I have been angry the last week and I think you have been also. I am taking a two-day break from work to cool down, read, and maybe regain my sanity a little. It also doesn’t help that a few of my friends are unwell (Covid) and my mind is cracking up.
I should be okay in a few days and when I am, I will be back with more Artlessness. Until then, please take care of yourselves and your people.
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