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A daily newsletter that will equip you with arguments you can use in political conversations online and offline. Think of it as your handbook for dealing with toxic propaganda, lying trolls, and clueless centrists.

A daily newsletter that will equip you with arguments you can use in political conversations online and offline. Think of it as your handbook for dealing with toxic propaganda, lying trolls, and clueless centrists.

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Atheism appropriated by Hinduism

Religious people getting angry at atheists criticizing religion are like arsonists getting angry at the fire brigade for putting out the fires they started. Like seriously. Look at the argument: "Why do you have to do this thing? Why can't you do that thing?"…


Why Indians defend marital rape

In case you can't understand why many Indian men are opposed to legislation against marital rape, know that this is a culture that sex is often the purpose of marriage. To marry therefore, is synonymous with a license to have sex.Remember all those characters…


Religion flavoured politics

There are some obvious parallels between the adoration of saffron leaders and the religiosity Indians are used to engaging in because of the guru shishya traditions. And though this is one of the clearest examples of religion informing politics, it's not the …


Listen to the angry voice

One of the many privileges I have is that I am fluent in English. In India, like in many places in south Asia, that opens doors for me that may very well be made of concrete for those who are not good at expressing themselves in English.When I say things, I a…


The myth of Hindu blood purity

Every few months, a voice from the RSS says that they thing of all Indians as Hindu. This is what passes for a "moderate" statement among BJP supporters. So I want to break it down a little and provide some context from history and mythology.The reason they "…


Indian politics and the Metaverse

Here are some of the things we spoke about.What is the Metaverse?What are its attendant risks?What will it change positively?What are the things that we need to be suspicious of?This is the first part of this podcast. The next one will be available in a week …


The bigot factory

I was watching that so-called dharm-sansad and was struck by the realisation that the only thing we are finding objectionable about it was that it was being spoken publicly. The words themselves were not new. They can't possibly be new to anyone who has spent…


Ghar wapsi? Try ghar safai

I don't enjoy giving constructive feedback to Hindutva nutjobs, but here I am doing it. In my defence, I don't think they can take this advice without taking a serious look at caste, and they are not going to do that.Recently, BJP member Tajesvi Surya spoke a…


The truth about culture warriors

Here's proof that those who deafen us daily with their incessant baying about "return to the roots" variety of religio-cultural pride are actually lying. They have no intention of returning to that imaginary past. They want something else entirely.Exhibit 1: …


The tragedy of modern India

Read the above thread to see video evidence about which I am writing below.When you have a political party in power which can't come to power unless the people it is supposed to be working for start murdering each other, you get a culture where murder is enco…


A marriage and an outrage

So recently, a young Odia couple took their marriage vows by swearing on the Constitution of India. This caused most people to feel nice and proud. However, some Odias have taken to Twitter to say this was an insult to Hindu rituals that should have been foll…


An encounter with Bible Boys

I live in a predominantly Christian area in Mumbai. Quaint neighbourhood, old houses, some cranky old uncles and aunties. Overall, very comfortable. Reminds me almost of my home state Odisha which is almost 80 per cent Hindu.Awww! All religions are the same!L…


8 arguments to help you fight marriage

Here are some things you may have heard from people around you if you have decided to not get married or not have children. Also, some possible responses. I am writing this from a man's point of view, but a fair number of these responses can be used by people…


Your marriage is not your parents' responsibility

Marriage in India is not about finding someone to spend the rest of your life with. It is simply a social obligation. Something you do because it is expected of you. And all the instruments of society that go into making it happen are working out of that same…


You don't need permission to resist

Dear "Hindu Atheist". Saying "my religion gives me permission to not believe in god" is like saying "my jailer gives me permission to not remain in prison". Atheism is a resistance, not only against the phenomenon of religion, but also against religious autho…


You can't stop the river

A lot of people wailing about how street protests are bad for democracy are dishonest. Because they clearly don't give a rat's ass about why such protests become necessary. If they did, they would spare a thought for laws being passed in Parliament without de…


What the Constitution of India really is

The Constitution of India doesn't tell you what India is. Because in practice, India is medieval, feudal, deeply divided across caste and communal lines, and ruled not by laws but by patriarchal power structures. Everyday India has very little to do with the …


Farm law win

The declaration to withdraw the farm laws should be seen in light of the upcoming elections in four states, but what also needs to be understood that the finance minister did not know about demonetisation. A lot of this govt's decisions are made unilaterally,…


Before you condemn Hindutva

If you want to have a conversation about Hindutva and Hinduism are the same thing, don't have it with random strangers on the web. Have it with your own family on your own dinner tables and in your family WhatsApp groups. Use your voice as a Hindu to say you …


Our mother sister vocabulary

It's important to understand that "hamari behen betiyan" is not a good way to solve rape culture. It is in fact, a furthering of the same patriarchal thinking that turns women into territory to be protected or conquered. See women as people first and foremost…